Red Mud is the brainchild of proprietors, Richard Dolan and Margaret Howie, third generation winegrowers from the Riverland area of South Australia.

On a mission to create a brand name and label that supported its origins, Margaret and Richard traveled back in time for clues and inspiration. A bend on the Murray River the Aborigines had long called Red Mud for the imposing red cliffs, was a befitting brand name. Sticky, red clay soil from the vineyards on the bench of the Murray River cliffs came to symbolize Red Mud wines.

Margaret and Richard were also inspired by Aboriginal cave art dating back 60,000 years. An interpretation of traditional Aboriginal rock art depicting animals that often roam the Nelwood Estate vineyards was used to adorn the labels. Thus, the passage, “A Journey in Time” was conceived as a way to remember and preserve the history of the land, and also honor the people that long have worked it.

A “Journey in Time” also has special meaning for Margaret and Richard. High school sweethearts, they went their separate ways to find each other later in life and reunite 30 year later.

Rounding out the team is Michael Farmillo, a renowned winemaker with vast knowledge about international wine styles. Michael's 30 year career included responsibility for red wine production over all Southcorp facilities and as Penfold's Red Winemaker. A high school friend of Richard, Michael more recently found passion in making boutique wines of distinction from dedicated vineyard parcels owned by small family producers. Nowadays, its not uncommon to find these three high school mates at the winery tasting and re-tasting Red Mud selections.