Codici was created to better communicate the regionality of wine from provinces in Central and Southern Italy. These regions are not so well known to U.S. consumers. But for centuries, the people from these lands have been farming wine grapes and producing wines in a particular style and of a certain character.

In the Abrruzzi province, resting on the Addriatic coast in the cernter of the country, Montepulciano is the king of grapes. It produces simple wines of bright acidity and fruity character. In Puglia, known to many in the U.S. as the heal of the boot, Primitivo and Negroamaro grow abundantly. These grapes make local varietal designated wines of great depth, spice and mid-weight on the palate.

Codici wines are produced by privately owned MGM Mondo del Vino, one of the more forward thinking wine companies in Italy. Driven to make wines with an internationally accepted flavor profile, MGM attempts to balance local winemaking heritage with modern viticultural practices and winemaking standards. The end result are internationally pleasing wines exhibiting the characteristics of the local grape.