Luis Capitao is a 30 year wine industry veteran and wine judge with vast experience in global wine sales, strategic marketing and international consulting. Mr. Capitao’s background includes a ten-year career with Constellation Wines U.S., where he held several domestic and international portfolio management roles culminating in the lead role of marketing all Constellation Wines U.S. brands including Robert Mondavi Woodbridge and Blackstone in export markets. His entrepreneurial spirit was also demonstrated during a three-year tenure with W.J. Deutsch and Sons, Ltd. where in a short time he assembled a marketing department and directed the national launch of the wildly popular Australian brand, [yellowtail].

As an consultant, Mr. Capitao has worked with top Eastern European wineries to develop export strategies targeting key international markets. He has also worked as part of an international cross-functional consulting group conducting an assessment of the Moldovan wine sector on behalf of the government agency Moldova Vin, and was selected to present its findings to government and private enterprise industry leaders. Mr. Capitao continues to advise the Moldova wine industry in the development of export strategies and judges wines for Moldova wine industry.

Originally from Lisbon, Portugal, Mr. Capitao holds an MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a BA in economics from Rutgers University. He is fluent in Portuguese, also speaks Spanish and some French, and resides in Redwood City, California.