"Thanks so much for your time in Moldova recently. It's always great to have you here. You bring lots of energy and ideas to the table that leave us thinking after you leave. The workshops were great. The feedback has only been positive. We're planning to go back to  all the wineries that participated in the workshops and discuss opportunities for follow-up assistance  with an emphasis on   the UK, German and    U.S. markets".

Douglas Griffith
Director,           Competitiveness Enhancement and Enterprise Development Project (CEED)

USAID Contractor

The Company's Origins:
Touchstone Wines was founded on a shared vision to take to market undiscovered fine wines. This idea had its genesis in Upstate New York more than twenty five years ago. In 2006, Lou Capitao knew it was time to substitute the corporate suit for the entrepreneurial hat and convinced his old friend, Mark Tramont, another industry veteran to endeavor in the dream. Today, Touchstone Wines imports wines from a number of different regions of Italy, Portugal, and Australia, and markets these wines in over 25 U.S. states with the assistance of local sales representatives and its distributor partners.

Our Business Philosophy:
Individual commitment, creativity, taking ownership and self initiative are the cornerstone of teams' performance. Working with a focused determination towards achieving the common goal. Our relationships with our suppliers and trade partners are of the utmost value and very personal. To succeed, we must provide unparalleled service, consider new approaches, be incredibly creative, and absolutely focused on achieving results. And our success can only be the result of the collective contribution of the many stakeholders.

What Sets Us Apart:
Our emphasis is on the consumer and we keep a close ear to the market by listening to those bearing the interest of our valued consumers. We do so by working the street tirelessly and unceremoniously in conjunction with our distributors and winery partners. We believe in building brands account by account, and are intensely active in the market to achieve our aim.

Our Consulting Work:
The knowledge, experience and successful business practices we developed over time are our greatest assets. Through consulting services, our clients can benefit from tried and true principles. As we develop strategy, we will walk the walk and talk the talk by jumping at the opportunity to execute our recommended strategies. Founding partner, Luis Capitao has broad international wine experience and consulted for public and private sector of selective Eastern European countries wine industry. A 25 year industry veteran, Lou is well versed in the numerous intricacies of importation and the challenges of brand building and market management. His continued engagement in the U.S. marketplace can be a tremendous asset to foreign wineries seeking to enter the U.S. wine market. He can offer creative solutions for market penetration while optimizing investment levels, thus ensuring the highest probability of launch success at the most effective cost.

Consulting Services are offered in a number of wine-related fields, including:

  • Strategic Business Insight
  • Brand Ideation & Design
  • Importation Strategy & Regulatory Compliance
  • Channel Analysis & Market Representation
  • Marketing Planning & Promotion Development
  • Distribution Target Setting
  • Effective Distributor Sales Management

In an advisory capacity, Touchstone Wines can be a formidable ally to foreign producers and member associations developing entry market and brand building strategies. To learn more about our services or request a proposal please contact Lou Capitao at lou@touchstone-wines.com or 831 917-1716.