Touchstone Wines LLC
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In Touchstone Wines, the "touch" belongs to all of us who labor passionately to make precious wines more accessible to consumers. As a team, we work to direct fine wines to wine lists and retail shelves for consumers to enjoy.

Our Associates:
Assisting in bringing these wines to consumers are service oriented trade professionals armed with extensive wine knowledge and committed to excellence. This group comprises of Touchstone Wines regional wine specialists, distributor partners, and retailers and restaurateurs around the country. They recognize the quality inherent in our wines and the value offered to their customers.

Where to Find our Wines:
Touchstone Wines are now available in over 25 states. Yet not every one of our wines is distributed in all of these states. Some of the wines are produced in very small quantities. If you would like to learn more about where to find our wines, please send us an email to:      

If you would like to learn more about our company, its origins, our business philosophy and our

consulting services, please click here on company background.

Luis Capitao
Managing Partner
c: 831 917-1716