Ricossa Barolo DOCG 2010

   Gold Medal - Dallas Morning News/TEXSOM

   93 points - Beverage Testing Institute  

  Ricossa Moscato d'Asti 2013

   Top Sparkling wine - Double Gold Medal
   Houston Rodeo International Wine
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In earlier times, a touchstone was used to determine the purity of gold, and other precious metals exchanged for goods as currency.
By rubbing a metal coin against a black siliceous stone like jasper, a colorful residue also apparent to the touch would be indicative of the metal’s purity.

And, hence, a standard was born by a quality-validating touchstone.

Welcome to Touchstone Wines. Our wines go through an extensive validation process. As regional expressions of local winemaking, they are carefully selected not only for uncompromising quality and a traditional style indicative of the region, but also for a taste perceived to be desirable for the American palate. To achieve our aim, we partner mainly with family wine producers passionate about expressing local taste. These are often winemaker viticulturalists employing modern grape farming and winemaking practices but still respect the value of tradition. This way quality and taste go hand in hand, and our hallmark wines can each be considered a touchstone of local winemaking.

Testimony to our philosophy – Ricossa Moscato d’Asti:

The moscato family of grapes is planted all over the world, producing wines of different types and styles; from dry table to sweet fortified wine. In the Piedmont, Italy, moscato bianco is the oldest grape known and widely planted throughout the province. Also known as Moscato di Canelli, for centuries it has been vinified to produce a semi-sweet, fizzy moscato wine. Our Ricossa Moscato d’Asti embraces the traditional style long employed in the Asti region for making Moscato d’Asti. But it now also benefits from contemporary viticulture expertise and modern winemaking equipment. Careful monitorization of the development of the moscato bianco grape on the vine ensures that the aromatics are at their peak before the Moscato grape clusters are hand-harvested. Winemaking technique is also carefully employed not to intrude in the evolution of the wine as it goes through the fermentation process. The end result, is a Moscato d’Asti wine that is bottled fresh and clean, wonderfully well-balanced, and quite expressive; exhibiting fully the aromatic characters of the moscato grape. Ricossa Moscato d’Asti is a touchstone for local Piedmont moscato winemaking.

The same validation process applies to our other Piedmont wines, to wines from other regions of Italy, and to wines from regions of ther countries like the Douro in Portugal. Our commitment is to continue seeking new wines that can set the standard of excellence in quality and regional distinction, and endeavor in welcoming them into our portfolio.

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